Bright Future Nepal  उज्ज्वल भविष्य नेपाल

"It's easier to build strong children rather than to repair broken persons"

"Welcome to our website

 Hi there,

Namaste to you dear visitor.

You reached the website of my dream where a small flame will become a burning torch.
This website is all about fulfilling this dream, making dreams come true.

My name is Deekshya

I come from a poor family in Pokhara where there was not enough money for school. In 2008 a Dutch woman called Marian and a Dutch family called Jan and Ans, made it possible for me and my sister Samikshya to go to school (Step By Step Higher Secondary School in Pokhara). After secondary school I studied at Kathmandu University, School of medical sciences in Dhulikhel Hospital and became a trained nurse. At the moment (2017) I'm working in the postoperative ward of Manipal Hospital in Pokhara and Samikshya is in the second year of her education to become a trained nurse in Pokhara.

In 2016 I met a jung doctor Saroj Darnal and on 2017 march 10, we married. After marriage I stayed for 10 days with Saroj's family in Amchowk in the district of Ilam, near to the Indian border to Darjeeling. I was overwhelmed by the poverty, the undeveloped infrastructure, outage of power supply for many days and illiterate people. There is only one small health center and 2 schools. I was shocked.

My dream

I have a very strong feeling that we should do something for this village and the people. We can start to give free medical care, educate children and improve infrastructure and hygiene. I can not see all those children's futures be destroyed because I was at the very same condition back in 2008 when I was a child.

Saroj's father is a principal, Saroj is a doctor an I'm a trained nurse, an independent girl due to the opportunity I got. Together with my friends, and hopefully you, I will fulfill my dream, to build a house with bedrooms, a library, a playroom and a kitchen. And to educate children and teach them hygiene. Because "it's easier to build strong children rather than repair broken persons". Meanwhile I will work part-time in the Manipal hospital in Pokhara to earn enough money.

On the first day of the Nepali New Year (2017, April 14) I will officially register my organization BRIGHT FUTURE (उज्ज्वल भविष्य, Ujjwal Vabisya).

A small flame will become a burning torch

As Marian, Jan and Ans lighted the small flame to my education in 2008, today this flame will grow to be a burning torch, ready to start the fire, educating children and improving hygiene in the poor village of Amchowk in Nepal.

The financial part of my organization is done by Jan de Boer in the Netherlands.

I invite you to explore this small website and get an impression of Nepal, Amchowk, my team and me,

With love,


Here is a picture of my family in the beginning of 2009, When Marian visited my family in Pokhara for the second time. From left to right: Father Manoj, sister Samikshya (Samu), me and my mother Bishnu.