Bright Future Nepal  उज्ज्वल भविष्य नेपाल

"It's easier to build strong children rather than to repair broken persons"

About us



On this page you find information about all my team and friends in the Netherlands (Holland) and in Nepal.

In Nepal:

- My father Manoj Pariyar, born in 1972,

- My mother Bishnu Pariyar, born in 1973,

- My sister Samikshya (Samu), born in 1999,

- My father in law Hemkarna Darnal, born in 1962,

- My mother in law Januka Darnal, born in 1972,

- My husband Saroj, born in 1990

Hovering between Nepal and Holland:

- Jolanda Bijl, born in 1966,

In Holland:

- My friend Marian Kok, born in 1976

- My friend Jan de Boer, born in 1955

- My friend Ans ter Weele, born in 1954